What is protected content on netflix

What is HDCP?

Please visit chrome: Our web player works best on:. Mozilla Firefox requires Windows Vista or later. Official Chrome releases will have version numbers with a '0' as the second set of digits e.

Open a web browser and try Netflix again.

what is protected content on netflix

Try Netflix again. Chat is unavailable.

what is protected content on netflix

You may want to print the following steps. Start Live Chat Before you chat... Are you using an official version of Chrome? Open the Microsoft folder. If your device manufacturer or an IT professional is unable to help, you will need to use an alternate browser to continue streaming Netflix.

Select the Playback tab. If you experience the error code M7701-1003 on your computer, often accompanied by the following message:. Select Protected Content and ensure you see Allow sites to play protected content recommended.

Netflix Error N8156 6211

Select the Chrome menu button from your browser toolbar. Safari on Mac OS X 10. Google Chrome requires OS X 10. If you see Status - Component not updated , there may be a program or security setting on your device that is preventing the module from updating.

Try all other troubleshooting before resorting to deleting Silverlight temporary files.

what is protected content on netflix