Pounce card game how to play

First you deal out your "Pounce Pile," a stack of cards, twelve down and one up, totaling thirteen. When the stock is all face up, pick it up and start again. Now you can move the nine of Spades onto the ten of Diamonds. The remaining cards will be used for stock.

Nerts / Pounce / Racing Demon

Who ever gets their card down first wins. No player may use both hands for building, either on build piles or the player's five piles, at the same time. It is a competitive patience game for two or more players, using a pack of cards for each player or team. Work piles A player's four work piles begin with one card each.

pounce card game how to play

Count the cards you got out there. All decks are shuffled, new piles are laid out, and play begins again.

pounce card game how to play

With five people playing as individuals it begins to get out of hand but with an even number of players from six upwards you can play a partnership version ; partners sit next to each other and share a pack. You cannot touch another player's tableau or take cards out of the common area.

If a regular card is moved onto a Joker, however, the Joker's rank and color are fixed until the cards above it are removed.

Find a table large enough to seat all players, with plenty of room in the middle. Some play that the stock cards are turned up onto the waste pile one at a time rather than three at a time.

pounce card game how to play

All of the decks need to be different enough in appearance to be separated easily, because, during the course of the game, they are all going to get mixed together. Let's say that you were dealt this hand on our left.

When played a joker onto a foundation , a player must follow the following protocol: If the Ace was in the tray, now leaving a space, you take the top card off of the pounce pile and move it over to fill the spAce and then flip over the next card on the pounce pile.

At this point the player with the highest score wins from each other player in proportion to the difference between their scores. The reason for this rule is to give other players a fair chance to realise that they can play the next card top of the joker, denying the player of the joker the chance to get un-stuck by doing the same.

pounce card game how to play

In this case everyone will have to subtract two points for each card that is left in their Nerts pile.