Nostalgia critic what am i watching app

nostalgia critic what am i watching app

You know what time it is? Audible Download Audio Books. But they know it's "Pluto Nash", right?

nostalgia critic what am i watching app

So, for the first time ever, I am giving you a multiple choice joke. And it apparently has the A. Just with the passion of Kevin Costner.

Doug Walker: Nostalgia Critic, Nazi

Lord knows this movie deserves a sequel. I did that!

nostalgia critic what am i watching app

Wouldn't you much rather watch that? Well, because he has an accordion, of course. It's like thinking the surprise villain in a Spider-Man movie is Bruce Campbell; it's probably not gonna happen!

nostalgia critic what am i watching app

I'll spit on that joke later. Published 2015-05-09T14: But the strange thing about this film is, there's surprisingly not much of that. For whatever reason, everybody said, "Yeah, let's make every single future city in any sci-fi film look like that!

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That's what I told them, but they're still watching. The twist is, it's really Naked Kwanzaa.

nostalgia critic what am i watching app

Hell, it surprisingly kind of takes its storyline very seriously. When you hear the name "Pluto Nash", what's the first thing that comes into your head?

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But we were gonna get drunker than... Our heroes end up stealing a car so they won't be tracked.

Nostalgia Critic - What the fuck am I watching?! (OTHER Animated Titanic Review)

If you're so insistent, let's go ahead and take a look at this stinker. Yeah, because no one gives a shit if we try on this one!

The Nostalgia Critic/Season 8

Nostalgia Critic: That's not true! Hell, they didn't even put the effort into convert it to Blu-Ray, they care so little. Everyone else acts like they can do this role in their sleep. This movie should have a menu of not-caringness.