Movie where robots take over the world

The story of a good-natured planetary janitor-bot left to clean up our human mess, WALL-E effortlessly dredges up what it means to be truly human, with his free will and big, beautiful heart. Resistance, as you might guess, is futile.

movie where robots take over the world

Interstellar 2014 In an obvious callout to sci-fi classic 2001: By the time it comes to the high-tech Romeo and Juliet ending, it's all a bit much.

The answer, thanks to Resident Evil , is one that's actually controlled by AI. The Stanley Kubrick masterpiece still holds up decades later, telling the story of the human race as it's guided to evolve from caveman to star child by a strange alien force.

movie where robots take over the world

What could go wrong? Anti-tech radicals have other plans, however, and they assassinate Depp, but his wife and science partner Rebecca Hall manage to upload his consciousness into a machine she's been working on.

movie where robots take over the world

Disney Caption by: Life is cheap and rocket launches are expensive, which puts Sam's life is in danger in a way he'd never imagined. The name of one the eight movies nominated for Best Picture at the 2019. That's how relationships go sometimes: I, Robot 2004 Loosely based on the classic Isaac Asimov story collection, I, Robot is a bit too Hollywood bombastic for it's own good in spots, but this sci-fi noir actioner still has plenty to offer.

Moon 2009 In this taut indie thriller from Brit director Duncan Jones David Bowie's son , astronaut Sam Sam Rockwell is nearing the end of a three-year stint supervising a robot mining mission on the moon.

Matthew Broderick plays the hacker brat who goes from forging high-school grades to accidentally pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war Ultimately, the hacker kid helps teach a sentient war computer the folly of mutually assured destruction, with the machine ultimately preferring a "nice game of chess. Before the mission can continue, Dave, the lone surviving astronaut, slowly shuts Hal down as the computer pleads for mercy.

The Star Wars franchise has always had goofy, friendly droids. They're flashes of the past, when artificial intelligence — robots called "synthetics" or "synth" — took over the world. Artificial Intelligence takes a delightfully dumb detour into sexist sillyville when horndog superspy Austin Powers encounters the dead-sexy Fembots, who try to take him out by taking him to bed.

movie where robots take over the world

They make chirping sounds not unlike the demogorgon in Stranger Things. Emotional intelligence is an unexpected mode of AI in Her.

The 15 Best Robot Movies of All Time

All too often, AI is pitted against humans in a war. A fresh take on sports: Are you looking forward to the robot uprising, or are you more of a zombie apocalypse-sort of person. It would be hard to refute that C-3PO and R2-D2 are the most celebrated vessels of artificial intelligence in cinema history. Fifteen minutes into the movie — Extinction is a tight 90 minutes — Peter's dreams start to come true.

Orion Pictures Caption by: So any time he's in his car, he's robo pantsless! It marries two seemingly opposite concepts: It's A Thing.

movie where robots take over the world