Insurgent i hate stupid people who say

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Good point. France under Robespierre was nothing if not a dystopian society. But she looks like a huge wuss! Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. There is almost always an underground group of dissidents in dystopian films. You really have to pick one. That's how it works since Day one of the founding of the country. This b-movie isn't one of it.

They're perfectionists. The side characters were not so great either. Jul 27, 2012 12: But these free-wheeling saviours will only join the revolution because of enormous peer pressure.

The two things have nothing to do with one another. Meanwhile Eric is hunting Divergents for Jeanine Kate Winslet that needs them to open a mysterious box.

insurgent i hate stupid people who say

This film pretty much picks right up where the last one ended with very little time lapse. Sign in.

From Insurgent to Blade Runner: why is the future on film always so grim?

I hated that! This movie, however, was terrible. Abnegation the selfless.

insurgent i hate stupid people who say

The Iraqi government, the coalition troops, and the population exhausted by years of violence call him a terrorist. She also knew that no one else would go.

insurgent i hate stupid people who say

But people, you expect more from people. Diya led the police to an unusually large arsenal of weapons stored in plastic barrels buried in gardens. Johanna appears to have no scars on her face and she's fat, wtf.

Young Insurgents in Iraq: A Teenage Terrorist Tells His Story

And I was impressed by how much the first movie managed to make the series' dotty premise hold water. Yet, I find myself sounding way too harsh. This she did not need.

insurgent i hate stupid people who say

I usually watch movies such as this with a skeptic mind and the first one wasn't bad.