How to work out wheel diameter calculation

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how to work out wheel diameter calculation

Make Model: At this point you will need to convert the size from millimetres to inches — there are 25. Another tire size calculator we have is our speedometer correction calculator. Tire Categories.

how to work out wheel diameter calculation

Maths Summary: Continental Wheels. Then by clicking on each tire you will be directed to our price comparison guide where we list a number of companies that sell each tire. Since the tire wraps around your rim, the wheel diameter includes the tire on both sides thus the multiplication by 2.

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Formula for Calculating Tire Dimensions

A speedometer reads the amount of revolutions your tires are making, not how far you are traveling. Follow the price check buttons to view prices from each distributor.

Making it as simple as possible to find the tire that is right for you at the best price. Calculating circumference means finding the distance around a circle or round object.

how to work out wheel diameter calculation

This calculator also gives the option to compare tires. Perform tire size conversion from the inch tire size to the metric tire size and the other way around with the tire size converter.

Every compared tire, with its dimensions, is contained in a section called "Compared Tire x" and it has the column "Diff" which shows the calculated differences for its dimensions compared to the base tire.

Tire Size Calculator

It also solves the problem of deciding what tire you would like to run if you have inch tire measurement in mind but can't find a company that manufactures that inch tire size. To calculate using the radius, multiply the radius by 2 and then multiply that result by pi.

Tyre interchangeability is not always possible, so be sure to consult your car manufacturer's manual before changing your tyres.