How to play kubb viking games

It is imperative that all Field Kubbs are toppled because otherwise, the opponents will be able to throw from a much closer point behind the nearest Field Kubb instead of the Baseline during their next turn.

how to play kubb viking games

Our rules are comprehensive instructions for friendly play. The corner stakes are placed so that a rectangle is formed, measuring 5m x 8m. Based in Trondheim, we are Norway's English language publishing company.

how to play kubb viking games

Great website. If a baseline Kubb is toppled before all the field Kubbs have been toppled, then the baseline Kubb is immediately returned to an upright position.

Kubb: Play Chess Like a Viking

For the official rules, we defer to the USA Kubb Official Rules , but have also placed a brief version of the Kubb rules below on this page for your convenience. Both Kubbs are then placed in an upright, position, one on top of the other to form a tower. The Rules of Kubb Kubb is a traditional outdoor Swedish game that is great fun for families, children or people who take the game more seriously.

Africa Rand. Once all the field kubbs have been thrown, Team 1 stands them up. Our Catalonian friends Adela, Jordi and Jaume were back in Trondheim and suggested a game after a catch-up dinner.

how to play kubb viking games

We have rankings, trophys, tournaments, everything you could ask for………. So, you want to know how to play kubb?

To decide which team starts, one person from each team throws a stick as close to the king as possible, but without hitting it. Great game. Mark out a rectangular pitch using wooden markers, with the longest sides as the sidelines.

Kubbs thrown back into play are called field kubbs, and are placed upright by the first team where they came to rest.

If a kubb comes to rest outside of the field of play, the team is allowed to throw that kubb again, after all kubbs have been thrown. Place the king in the centre of the playing field, with 5 kubbs placed at regular intervals along each baseline - one at either end, one in the middle and the remaining two equi-distant between the first three.

Any baseline kubbs that are knocked down before the field kubbs do not count and are stood back up. Batons may rotate vertically when thrown.

Hnefatafl Viking Chess from Marbles Brain Workshop