How to fabricate an aluminum box beam

Aluminum Beams - Series 2024 6.

Aluminum Channels and Beams

Less expensive than stainless steel while maintaining an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, Aluminum Alloy 6082 is an essential element for structural beam products.

In short, we deliver fully processed aluminum used in everything from electrical equipment to utility trailers.

In construction, energy, and technology sectors, aluminum is often selected for its thermal and electrical conductivity. B312290 12" X 7.

6063 T52 Aluminum Square Tube

The Steel Conference 2019-02-06 08: Common uses for this material include electrical substations, pipe railings, windows, and irrigation tubing. One notable exception was the use of roll forming for the aluminum columns that curve to meet the roof. Seems like pop-ups are blocked for this page. First Time Here? It offers strong corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity, which has made it a popular and cost-effective choice in various industrial jobs.

Designers and machinists can fabricate beams in a range of dimensions thanks to its excellent workability; it is highly weldable, brazeable, solderable, and machinable.

Call Us! This alloy is strong fit for beams, typically used in construction applications and aerospace components, because it can be machined easily and resists tremendous pressure.

how to fabricate an aluminum box beam

This historic suspension bridge was rehabilitated with an aluminum bridge deck in 1996, increasing the load rating from 7 to 22 tons by reducing the bridge's dead load. Logging In, please wait...

how to fabricate an aluminum box beam

Steel structural shapes traditionally have been formed by hot rolling. In the T4 condition fairly severe forming operations may be accomplished. This protects the metal from further corrosion caused by oxygen, moisture and many other chemicals.

Arrow to select Size. In the annealed condition it has good workability. Aluminum Alloy 2024 is a high strength material used in a variety of critical industrial and commercial applications.

This medium strength alloy is well suited for welding and anodizing, and offers fair machinability.

Aluminum Beams

How May We Help You? Aluminum 5086 is a structural alloy that can be strengthened through stain hardening and cold working.

how to fabricate an aluminum box beam

Aluminum Channels - Series 7075 64 Popular in the aerospace industry, Aluminum Alloy 7075 offers durable stress-corrosion cracking resistance and becomes stronger at sub-zero temperatures. Postal Code. This problem had to be accounted for in the design by referencing that reduced area as the cross-section member in question. Aluminum Channels - Series 6061 76 Heat-treated Aluminum 6061 is a popular choice for channels, U-shaped pieces that are usually extruded with a 90-degree angle on each side.

Aluminum Beams - Series 5083 7 Aluminum 5083 is the strongest of the non-heat-treatable alloys and is highly suitable for welding and cold working.

how to fabricate an aluminum box beam