How does lifeproof work

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects. LifeProof cases are also resistant to dirt and dust. Add them. And of the top-5 ways people have broken their phone, 2 of those answers dealt with throwing and dropping their phone.

Both case types are waterproof, drop-proof, shock proof, slim and tough but the biggest difference is that the LifeProof Nuud cases do not include a screen protector.

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Have you ever suffered from sandruff? However, if you enjoy the usability of your screen and the overall profile of your iphone without a case, the LifeProof Nuud is right for you.

how does lifeproof work

Warranty is available. At Boutique Me, we include a 30-day warranty on all our products from the date your order ships. If you are prone to cracked or broken screens the LifeProof Fre is the clear choice for you.

But, when you buy a personalized LifeProof case from us, LifeProof extends their 1-year limited warranty to your personalized case since we are an authorized retailer! A LifeProof case will save your phone from your toddler who gets upset that his Netflix show ended and decides to throw your phone on the ground, or when Fido excitedly jumps up to greet you when you get home and knocks your phone onto the hardwood floor.

It almost ruins all the fun you just had. Are you into polka dots or chevron patterns? Check out our collection of custom phone cases to keep you and your extra tech appendage protected and fashionable on the daily adventures the two of you take. Total letdown. Your email address will not be published.

6 Things You Should Know About Your LifeProof Case

And, every case is factory water tested, while random cases also undergo a second water test. They can be customized with Boutique Me designs.

how does lifeproof work

So now you can FaceTime your kids while getting a surf lesson during your romantic Hawaii getaway and know that your phone will stay dry. LifeProof cases are designed to measure up to the challenges of everyday life, while keeping you and your extra appendage looking stylish.

how does lifeproof work

You can add those, too. Each case is water tested. These cases are sleek and slim, but still meet military specifications, giving you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. To ensure your case is waterproof, Lifeproof recommends that you perform a pre-installation water test if you plan to expose your device to water.

Do you love vibrant-colored flowers? And with a LifeProof case, you can. No need to register your LifeProof case for this warranty as it is automatically in effect from the date of purchase.