How do you make porridge

Combine 2 cups barley with 6 cups water and 1 teaspoon salt.

how do you make porridge

Add a mix of your favourite nuts and seeds on top with a little extra milk. When it has a thick, glutinous, porridge-like consistency, it's done!

how do you make porridge

Oats is a grain with a high amount of protein, as well as slow-release carbohydrate — the reason it has found favour with nutrition experts. To make your porridge sweeter, add a dash of brown sugar or honey while it's simmering.

How to make perfect porridge

Soy sauce is a very common addition to congee, and some people like to add a little kick with chili sauce or Sriracha. Honey is popular, while the more diet-conscious go for fruit. Add salt, if you like.

how do you make porridge

Some like it smooth; some like it chunkier. We'll cover three different types of porridge oatmeal, rice, and barley in addition to exploring ways you can spruce up your standard bowl — if you've been eating your porridge plain, you're in for a tastebud explosion.

What to eat with porridge.

Back to basics: How to make a yummy porridge

I only came here looking for the amounts to use - and finished up with a bowl full of hot milk with some oats in. Essentially, congee is just cooked rice with much more water, allowed to stew. Or, sign in with your email and password:. References http: This method requires cooking for only 5 minutes or so, but keep the stirring going.

how do you make porridge

Register quickly and securely with your social network:. If you're the curious type, try yogurt, peanut butter, cocoa, honey, or any other addition that you think would make the porridge a breakfast of champions.

How to cook perfect porridge

All rights reserved. Likewise, it was traditionally always referred to or addressed in the plural, though why you would want to strike up a conversation with your breakfast or anyone else at that time in the morning is beyond me. Hear my recipe suggestion for quinoa porridge http: Tell us more about it? Easy breakfast ideas. You can also make this dish with a rice cooker or in the microwave.

How to Make Quick & Easy Egg Rice Porridge Recipe

No-bake treats that kids can make. But the proportion should be twice as much liquid as oatmeal, roughly.

how do you make porridge

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