How do you get started modeling clay

A lot of people prefer to use it, in fact. Yes, you should be able to get a similar but not identical result. I live in Angola, Africa it is very complicated for me to find material to do my work. Sealer can be used to create the result.

Getting Started with Polymer Clay

Well, the thing with polymer is that you just have to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Read my article comparing the various glazes, sealers, varnishes, resins, and clear-coats.

how do you get started modeling clay

It would bow in the middle and droop. Special tools Push Molds --clay can be pushed into molds and then released, to create three-dimensional shapes.

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Polymer Clay Tips for Beginners

Related Links For more information about getting started with polymer clay, visit these websites: Thank you for posting all this great information. I used those blades for most general lifting, scraping, and chopping needs.

Sculpting with Polymer Clay

We recommend one of these two for beginners:. Sandwich bags also work great to keep your colors separated. Includes 6pcs tools with wood center handle and double shaped heads. A variety of blades can be used to cut polymer clay.

FIMO - 5 steps before getting started

Perfect decoration tools for DIY baking;. Will the plastic melt or cause plastic fumes? Do you want to check out other clear-coat options besides varnish? Guessing Premo should be my next brand to try??? Yes, you can use polymer clay to decorate a cane or walking stick.

how do you get started modeling clay

For example, the following tools are perfect for doing this:. But if you use mica powder, paints, or metal leaf y ou would want to seal it. You might also be interested in: Thank you for your time and dedication.

how do you get started modeling clay

Only use them if you really, truly need to, and always test your chosen varnish before using it on a large or important project.