Ernest langdon what happened

The rest of the day included emergency reloads and shooting on the move in various directions.

Attention was also given to shooting on the move as well as with strong and support hand only work. If it is over-limit, it probably would be safe to says that it was an over-sight. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

ernest langdon what happened

Langdon and pay for a class. The gun Langdon used last year was under the weight limit. Posted February 14, 2004. For the record, what my friend done was wrong. Everything uses what he sells on his own guns.


Did they add that little magwell Ernest has on his? Ernest starts off the class with a brief but informative classroom session that includes a safety brief, introductions, and the basics of his shooting and teaching methodology.

ernest langdon what happened

You can post now and register later. My "friends" comment was that if Sig made a magazine that weighed one half ounce, the gun would be legal. Did EL part ways with Beretta?

That Weems Guy

The class was limited to 12 students. Reply to this topic... As far as I know he is the only one offering this particular modification.

ernest langdon what happened

Yeah, quite a while ago. What's this " knocked TGO off his pedistal " stuff.

ernest langdon what happened

Action is sweet sweet sweet. Ernest is a really straight-up guy and provides great service. It is heavy though, I didn't weigh it, but they are substantial.

Ernest Langdon explains the M9, M9A1 and M9A3

And unfounded. Langdon was the one who told me that I was going to have to replace the Hogue grips to make weight. Like this: Ron Ankeny. Upload or insert images from URL. During the thunderstorm, he set up barrels underneath our shelter and taught proper use of cover, well, he did until the rain started beating on the metal roof so hard that it was impossible to hear anything other than a shout.

We did some work on steel targets as well.