Doctor who lego decals

S when the harry potter line comes out again I will use the head and hair of Ginny Weasley for my Amy Pond figure! Item will ship within 2-3 days after payment is received.

Tegan Jovanka- Resurrection of the Daleks.

doctor who lego decals

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doctor who lego decals

I would have posted this earlier but my internets been down for a bit, but here it is! Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

Tenth Doctor (LEGO + Decals, Variant 1)

I would love to start a decal partnership the answers is yes!!!!! Looks cool so far. Do you think you can make a Cyberman torso for me? Recommended Posts.

Thirteenth Doctor (LEGO + Decals)

Sign in here. Thanks for reading!?!? Posted May 23, 2010. Posted June 7, 2010.

doctor who lego decals

If I make it I'll post it tommorow! The Doctor- William Hartnell. The Doctor-Sylvester McCoy. Next Time: And remember to post some of your own Doctor Who decals!

doctor who lego decals

Already have an account? I've only found torsos of the old mondasian Cybermen.

Tenth Doctor (LEGO + Decals, Variant 2)

Please make your decision based on your experience not ours! I really like your decals, especially the raggety doctor decal you made which I will surely use. Rory Williams- Vampires in Venice 2 And now for two brand new doctor decals, six and seven!