Cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp

3 cheap smartphones for WhatsApp under R1000

The software…. It features a 4.

cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp

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cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp

Camper by day, run-and-gunner by night, Andy prefers his toast like his coffee -- dark and crunchy. The handsets are infact available under Rs. NIFTY 50.

11 cheap and cheerful smartphones that run WhatsApp

How about, keyboards? The only downside is that if it stops working, locating a service center could turn out to be difficult.

cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp

Android is now up to version seven, AKA Nougat , although its eighth iteration, Oreo , is round the corner. But these are mostly smartphones with an older OS.

Want to ditch the smartphone? Try feature phones like Samsung Guru, Nokia 105

Tiny, yellow and possibly the cheapest phone on the list, the Asha 203 not only runs WhatsApp, but Facebook and Twitter as well. The 3-inch phone actually comes with WhatsApp already installed, and costs just Rs 1,869. Either way, it's a bold choice to attempt something that no one else seems to have the nerve for. But anything less than R300 seems like a good price for a dedicated WhatsApp device.

cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp

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One of the recent launches, the phone is mouth-droppingly cheap and offers nearly everything — Android 4.

cheap mobile phones supporting whatsapp