Whats chuckies sisters name in hunger

Dionne Quan: Kimi Finster

Randy Carmichael. Lo, Angelica is surely destined for the same fate as Chuckie Finster. Charles "Chuckie" Crandall Finster, Jr. Pop-Culture Hunger Games: The last thing she wrote, most likely just before she died, was a poem for Chuckie. They love to argue, mainly over something silly. And, it should be noted that, yes, that statement has at least three meanings, all of which are valid.

whats chuckies sisters name in hunger

Two, she literally breaks the hearts of the undead uh, by forcing a wooden rod through them. Melinda was first mentioned and was seen in memories Chuckie thought the memory was a dream in Mother's Day.

whats chuckies sisters name in hunger

There was a giant Reptar robot that Stu built there too. Enjoys lying to the toddlers, distorting their perception of reality. Kira sadly looks at the bear and holds it close to her, feeling terrible for what has happened to Chuckie, and what will happen to Chas. Chuckie says that he's lucky because he has two moms to look after him now.

Christine Cavanaugh: Chuckie Finster

Here is a comprehensive list. Also, as Didi's primary physician, she delivered Dil at birth.

whats chuckies sisters name in hunger

Boris constantly refers to "the old country" which is where he was brought up. So, yeah.

whats chuckies sisters name in hunger

Married to Howard. Chuckie not only gains a new mom in the form of Kira , but also a new sister in the form of Kimi Finster who also gains a father in the form of Chas, even though her real father is still alive.

Dil Pickles

Sarah "Taffy" Maynston Lulu's beautiful 16 year old grand-niece who became the 2nd babysitter for the babies or "minis" as she calls them. Spiffy and Pepper. Cookie Policy.

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After Coco LaBouche tricks Chas into marrying her, only so she can have a promotion by looking like a woman who loves children even though she hates them , she intends to have Wawa thrown away as she saw the toy as disgusting. Chuckie admits that he does sometimes, but that he knows she's watching over him in heaven. Recurring Characters.

In All Growed Up, his hair is now red, just like his mother Didi. Larry and Steve.