What is destinys child best album

Destiny's Child

Independent Women Part I from the album Survivor. Selena, I'm your girl, you're my girl, we your girls.

what is destinys child best album

Listen to "Survivor. I would know, because they make the final cut on any and every playlist I've ever made. All the ladies who truly feel me, throw your hands up at me! Jimi Hendrix.

The Definitive Ranking of Every Destiny's Child Single Ever — VIDEOS

The ultimate anthem for anyone who's trying to drag their BFF out of a relationship that she doesn't realize is bad for her. They're the voice of a generation. With the help of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and the revolving door of singers who joined and dropped out of the group over the course of their career and a few number one singles, Beyonce eventually shot to superstardom, but she never would have made it there without the hits of Destiny's Child.

what is destinys child best album

The Beatles 2. Lose My Breath from the album Destiny Fulfilled.

what is destinys child best album

Page 1 of 1. Your rating: Jimi Hendrix 19.

Destiny's Child - Girl (Video Version)

Bonus points: Neil Young 18. Track Rating 1.

what is destinys child best album

By Nicole Pomarico. Led Zeppelin. And here we have the best Destiny's Child single of all time. Bootylicious from the album Survivor. Destiny's Child. The Beach Boys 14.

what is destinys child best album

You know what this means: