What is a hei type coil

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what is a hei type coil

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Speedway High Performance HEI Coil

This design is also commonly supplied by most of the more popular aftermarket performance ignition companies. An HEI distributor is still an inductive-discharge ignition, but it exchanges the points for a solid-state electronic switching device called a module.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. One of the misunderstood aspects of points ignition systems is that the ballast resistor or resistor wire as used in most GM points-type ignitions just limits voltage. Add to Cart.

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what is a hei type coil

Talk to the Experts. All the aftermarket HEI ignition systems recommend using the matched coil and module. The key to reducing heat buildup in the module is to use the special white grease supplied with new modules on the mounting side of the module. Overall, we were able to reduce HC by 20 percent and CO by almost 30 percent with a stronger ignition system. Ignition Controller Buyer's Guide.

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what is a hei type coil

This larger cap also offered space to position the coil, making the HEI distributor self-contained. Heat is the biggest enemy of the HEI module.