What happened to wwls morning animals

Inzinga, who suffered the attack in June, returned after a week and Fitzpatrick lost the bet.

The Morning Animals bring sports and levity to listeners during the work commute

At first, management tinkered with a few different looks before settling on the team as it exists today. About The Author Ben Luschen bluschen okgazette. He arrives at work sometime around 4 a. Speaking of... OKG Social.

what happened to wwls morning animals

Its roster includes Fox 25 sportscaster Fitzpatrick, SoonerScoop. The hosts are also joined by producer Michael Doutey. Readers also liked… Good spirits Jan 10, 2019.

what happened to wwls morning animals

How, then, do they stay up to watch a late Oklahoma City Thunder game knowing they have to get up before even the crack of dawn the next morning? Inzinga said he usually heads to bed around 9 p.

Inzinga cracks jokes, not pretending to be an expert. OKG Media Feed. Fitzpatrick and Murdock, though laid back on the show, are rooted in journalistic discretion. Capernaum Rodeo Cinema.

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Inzinga and Spinozi were transplants from the Cumulus station known then as 96. Inzinga, however, had never worked on a sports-themed show before.

what happened to wwls morning animals

The insider tip proved valuable. When do these guys ever sleep? Where is it? Valentine's Day: Chicken-Fried News: