What does cream like discharge mean

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what does cream like discharge mean

The pattern and experience of these changes is different for everyone but cervical fluid tends to follow a consistent cyclical pattern. And brown discharge can be an early sign of cervical or uterine cancer.

what does cream like discharge mean

This allows patients to identify infection and other problems. If a person has no other symptoms, white discharge is most likely a sign of healthy lubrication. In general, it means that a woman is in perfect health and her reproductive organs work as they are supposed to. This fluid leaks from the vagina each day to remove old cells and debris, keeping the vagina and reproductive tract clean and healthy.

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White Creamy Discharge – What Does It Mean?

You may notice little fluid, or it may be sticky or something else unique to you. All rights reserved.

What Does It Mean When You Have A Creamy White Discharge

What Does Vaginal Discharge Mean? Luteal phase As soon as ovulation is over, your fluid changes.

A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge

Skip Navigation. Yellow discharge is abnormal discharge, as this is a sign of a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection. If brown discharge keeps appearing, a patient should schedule an appointment with a provider to be evaluated. This vaginal discharge will act as a barrier to prevent sperm from getting through your cervix and into your uterus.

what does cream like discharge mean

This is "fertile" mucous and means you are ovulating. Do you have pain or itching? Leukorrhea , or thick white discharge, can appear at different times during the menstrual cycle.

Wet or sticky? What your discharge is telling you

This page was printed from: Once again, sticky white secretion is totally natural. This is especially likely if the hue only coincides with a change in diet or dietary supplements. The change in fluid consistency also allows for heightened antimicrobial action 5.

You may also notice an increase in thick, white discharge before and after your period.