Skyrim where is verulus

This can be confirmed with player.

Half the time I just leave those rogue entries in the misc quest list. Good luck fellow OCD completionists playing a game released in 2011.

He can initially be found outside of the hall in Understone Keep , having an argument with Thongvor Silver-Blood.

skyrim where is verulus

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skyrim where is verulus

It's closed for a reason. Trent Hawkins 15. I'm your friend. Sucks this play through I have over two hundred hrs, spent many of those trying to get around this glitch.

When I bring brother Verulus to Eola for the feast, as soon as he enters the room he becomes hostile right away and starts attacking me.

Brother Verulus

He's supposed to ask you to investigate the Hall of the Dead, in which you will meet another person that starts the second part of the quest. I've already completed all the objectives related to this quest and it didn't end.

Lol - just wait 'til Eola dies on you half way through the Taste of Death. I offer no guarantee that this will work for you. By order of the Jarl. Some old lady who runs an orphanage.

Topic Archived. If you agree to join the cannabalism cult, you will be given the task to bring Verulus to Reachcliff Cave. Hi, does anyone know how to delete a this quest from the misc.

skyrim where is verulus

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. If you see him later after the quest, he will occasionally say: I always marry Ysolda. The Nords call their mausoleums the Hall of the Dead.

skyrim where is verulus