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Cohen's whole apartment began to plummet, like some horrible ride. After her mobile home and others went up in flames, she returned to see what was left.

He was a tall, large man with a calm look. It just seemed like the right thing to do. First Interstate Bank said the quake caused extensive damage to its Simi Valley credit-card processing center, forcing its closure and the temporary relocation of 500 employees to downtown Los Angeles.

The San Bernardino Fire Department used every available city firefighter, along with several federal forest service crews, but they were overwhelmed, said Battalion Chief Jess Campos.

Dying: when is it right to let nature take its course?

They cannot be weighed on the same scales, these varied acts of valor. What motivated him? Emergency workers said Monday that it will take as long as two weeks to clear the debris from the spot where the Antelope Valley Freeway collapsed onto the Golden State and to unearth any vehicles that might have been crushed there. There, firefighters and civilians together did their best to save people they may never have met.

I can't get out! The rest of it is not important. It is just half an hour from the heart of Los Angeles, but rural enough for corrals. The two converged Sunday when the Old fire, the more easterly of the two, jumped the 215 Freeway near Devore and touched the Grand Prix fire, said Norm Walker, a division chief with the U. They waited a moment before rising to check on the children. At least six people fell victim to quake-induced heart attacks.

He took care of his people, which is one of many reasons he was such a great editor and PR man. But not all acts of heroism ended so happily.

I don't know how to fight something like that.

Mark Saylor dies at 58; former Times editor oversaw Pulitzer-winning series

At 23, Charlie Radcliffe was one of the youngest residents of the Fillmore mobile home park, where he had moved from Arkansas to enroll at Ventura College. The Toll A magnitude 6. With no help from fire crews and no instructions from authorities, families packed up cars, and others set out on foot.