Howard 250 tri gear checklist

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Course 200 - Triathlon Gear Check List

For comparison John sent me these photos, seen in the livery they arrived in here: He hauled it out to El Mirage. Seeing this photo Jim Gribben wrote: I guess it got punted from the hangar it was in. Sean Keating replied: Based in Indochina. John wrote for this photo: I hope through time more identities will surface, perhaps from previous photo records.

Dean restarted work on the Super Sabre. It did not participate in the D-Day invasion in Normandy but did fly resupply mission soon after from England. Transport to Taigh's domain originated from Oregon.


The forward fuselage of a Martin 2-0-2 or 4-0-4? RCAF 22124 was completely destroyed by fire. It was reported that PV-2 Harpoon, BuNo 37524 had a total of 35 hours of flight time on the airframe since acceptance by the Navy. In addition to the standard transport configuration, specialized variants of the C-27J have been developed for maritime patrol, search and rescue, C3 ISR command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance , fire support and electronic warfare and ground-attack missions.

Stored Last info: It is the first facility to be licensed in the United States for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft, being certified as a spaceport by the Federal Aviation Administration on 17Jun2004. His name was William J. August 31st 1955: Wikipedia has interesting details on the Warning Stars, also on service of these special aircraft during the Vietnam War! May 1953: It had the longest wingspan of any combat aircraft ever built, at 230 ft 70.

HA Howard 250 Tri-Gear

Airstrike is leasing it and bringing it back into compliance. For this conversion, e. John added the following information: C-47A Skytrain, '7th Heaven', has not changed much since I visited this museum in 1996! Seems like a Big Doug forward fuselage Here it is from the other side: