How to use me duele in spanish

Grammar question: Me duele la garganta

The throat is doing the hurting, therefore "duele". Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? The same is true in examples such as these:. Genitive Case. Remember Spanish often puts the subject after the verb.

how to use me duele in spanish

Look up "doler" in the translator on this site. For other people: There is no direct object in the sentence.

how to use me duele in spanish

Si te duele el pie es mejor que vayas a un doctor. Nos duelen las manos y las rodillas.

It hurts (me)

It is usual, as in the above examples, to place the subject of doler after the verb, but it isn't required. You have a pain in your neck. I am sleepy. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.

What does "me duele" mean?

Me duele n los dientes. Oh, I see... Updated October 07, 2017. To be reflexive it would have to be me duelo as you suspected. Me duele el diente. And the explanation can get complicated because of the differences between a indirect object in Spanish and one in English concerning prepositional phrases. Es un dolor moderado. Adjectives and Adverbs. Me duelen los ojos al leer. We have a transitive sentence with a direct object.

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how to use me duele in spanish

La muela me duele. What exactly are the 2 types of sentences? I have a pain. So we experience the consequences of our hurting head.

how to use me duele in spanish

No, it is not reflexive.