How to remove a cable line filter

Suspicious Activity Detected

I don't know if you have an HDTV, but check out my story... It calls home each day with a reading.

how to remove a cable line filter

Perhaps you should study electrical engineering, I did... You will no longer be able to get Any cable without paying for it.

Cutting the Cord on Cable (subsequent cable theft)

Mon Aug 09, 2010 5: Knowing I could have been using the television when I thought it was useless sorta makes me angry. Saint Paul, MN Registered: Next you're going to tell me that cat detector vans don't work, either.

how to remove a cable line filter

Yahoo Answers. Will a UV filter remove purple line?

how to remove a cable line filter

Some cable providers use equipment that lets them do this remotely. Holy crap, I was getting basic cable, with the same channels that I could get on the cable box minus the HD stuff So this makes me wonder: Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

how to remove a cable line filter

Aug 7, 2003 Posts: It is a crime if you use it just knowing that you're not paying for it and you're still liable to a lesser extent if you use it without knowing you're stealing it , even if they wire it up for you. Never once did the tech support people just suggest plugging the line in to the back of the TV and just ignore the box.

how to remove a cable line filter

It's one of those metal twisty things that just keeps on turning and... You'll find that wearing a tinfoil hat completely defeats this technology. Dec 11, 1999 Posts: Just about every place that I've moved into all over the country had at least a couple of the local channels available.

What is an EMI Suppression Core - Suppresses Electro Magnetic Interference

The whole time I've been a TWC customer, I had no idea that I could get a television signal from them without a cable box.