How to get mp412 rex bf3

mp-412 rex tips

Sharazure Sharazure 7 years ago 8 I think my best time on the fire from the sky mission is 17mins. Once you get the hang of flying it isn't so bad. Skip user information tehmoriz Respected 2,522.

Light machine guns. Skip user information Ardheim 111.

Unusable Weapons. Step out of your bubble and face the reality of this game.

how to get mp412 rex bf3

It's easily my favourite pistol. It is unlocked for both singleplayer and multiplayer upon the completion of the Tombstone Actual assignment by completing the mission Baku. My friend's an amazing heli pilot - we got through the helicopter one on our second try, but he sucks with a rifle and we can't complete the first mission.

Skip user information Iammeatt 12. May 5th 2012 Platform: Start a Wiki.

how to get mp412 rex bf3

The thing is stat for stat it may not be better but in combat it seems me through many bad situations. Whoever designed it should be in the unemployment line.

how to get mp412 rex bf3

This makes it more accurate than most primaries, AND the heavy barrel is an option for it! It has a low rate of fire and high kick, but the firecap is low enough for the kick to be negligible. SkytheWiz1 SkytheWiz1 7 years ago 10 I need a better teammate for ground combat. Because its rate of fire is identical to that of the other pistols, the MP412 can kill significantly faster than the M9 or MP443 , making it arguably the best handgun in the game.

Quoted from "kataklism". And when the Faceless Men come to kill me, I'll say, 'No, you have the wrong man, I'm a different dwarf with a hideous facial scar. Submachine guns. I even use it as my primary gun for ranges under 30m if I'm playing support.

how to get mp412 rex bf3

The max damage was only slightly decreased but the min damage was increased from 30 to 37. Battlefield 3 Weapon Comparison Symthic Rex: It's basically a pocket sniper-rifle now.

I want to but I need a pilot for the second mission.