How to beat duriel in diablo 2

As soon as players enter his chamber, they are confronted by Duriel with the only option of escape being Town Portal scrolls.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

Alrite, thanks for the feedback. Lord of Destruction how to kill duriel with sorceress? I never worried about his charge attack, so if you keep that in mind, you should be able to beat him easily. I vote for Blaze. Many writings suggest that if Duriel was not in a position to inflict pain on a victim, he would subject himself to excruciating pain and be sated.

My re-done Feral tree: Sulticune 004 I guess you made him.... Moral 5: Although a Paladin can use Holy Freeze as well, slowing Duriel down too. Especially considering the gear. Nice tips!

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For my zealer, I just chug a lot of health pots and whack him with a beat stick. See Necromancer vs Duriel. If the runes and runewords are available in the expansion? Eventually, we're all worm food. How to kill Duriel?

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

Forgot your username or password? I'd recommend you to buy the expansion.

How to kill Duriel?

He hit me once due to a silly mistake. Therefore, he and his sister decided to join Diablo for reuniting with Mephisto and Baal.

You can resurrect your merc, get more pots etc. Some freezing potions also come in handy. Almost all damage duri makes is cold if you don't let him charge , that's why stacking cold resist is so effective.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

In addition, use Full Rejuvenation potions to heal your hireling, while you are shooting the Boss from range. Who wants to play with me?

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