Electrostatic motor how does it work

For the basic motor, you need a disposable plastic drinking cup, aluminium foil, glue-stick, bamboo or dowel at least a centimetre or two longer than the cup is tall , wire and a non-conducting base, such as a plastic plate or a wooden board.

High Power Electrostatic Motor with 95% Efficency

Cut two pieces of wire. I am sure a lot of other dynamics come into the picture that I am way under qualified to comment on or even know about.

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electrostatic motor how does it work

Cut three pieces of foil. Corona motor.

electrostatic motor how does it work

Hannover Fair 2019 01 - 05 April, 2019 Hannover, Germany. I am not sure Electrostatic Motor is the right terminology to be using with this technology as most experimenters may have different ideas and conceptions of what an Electrostatic Motor is.

Corona motors (or electrostatic/atmospheric motors)

India's largest car-maker makes the conne... Templates with dimensions for corona motor available at the Rimstarorg store. Kiteman science mad Reply 4 years ago on Introduction.

electrostatic motor how does it work

Multicolour LED Icosahedron. As you add charge to the unconnected end of the machine, it is transferred to the piece of foil nearest to you, giving it the same charge as the balloons.

electrostatic motor how does it work

The answer is lasers, now, what was the question? The disk or cylinder is made of an electrically insulating material, like plastic for example.

Be a Scientist: Build an Electrostatic Motor

Benjamin Franklin and others described and built motors based on electrostatic forces in the 18th and 19th centuries, but none achieved practical operation.

This video shows my more powerful corona motor v2 in action, along with an overview and a load test measuring torque, work and power as it lifts a mass.

electrostatic motor how does it work

Step 1. Charges are gathered from the air using a wire with a sharp point at the top, lifted high by a balloon, kite or drone e. ThatCatMan 6 years ago on Step 4.