Elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

Elbit Systems Soltam Athos 155mm autonomous towed howitzer system. HIZIR 4x4.

elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

Orders for more numbers 300 could follow based on the performance of the gun especially on issues related to the barrel and the failure of some smaller but essential Chinese made parts highest level of quality control needs to be ensured.

Both Caeser and Archer are combat proven gun systems having seen service in Afghanistan.

elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

Elbit Systems Land and C41, a defense material manufacturer based in Israel, won the bid to supply the Philippines Army more than P368 million worth of artillery, a source privy to the bidding said. Tuesday, April 1, 2014 01: BAE Systems has down selected Mahindra Defence Systems as its partner for the assembly, integration and testing of the 145 howitzers to be inducted.

New Delhi. Milipol 2015 Web TV - Pictures. It was literally the Whale of the Sky. Some setbacks with regards to barrel bursts during firing in case of Dhanush and M777 ULH last year are certainly a serious cause of concern.

Elbit Systems ATHOS Autonomous Towed Howitzer System

As per reports indent has been placed on the OFB by the MOD for 114 Dhanush Howitzers to ensure it can start bulk production after user exploitation culmination. The APU also supplies the continuous energy to the automotive, hydraulic and electric systems, enabling autonomous system operation and short reaction going into or out of action. You are here: After almost three decades of stagnation there is finally a significant forward movement in the Artillery modernisation and transformational plans, envisaging the induction of approximately 2,800 plus modern artillery howitzers.

The journey to achieve total transformation and modernisation has just begun and the final target is still a long way off. While 25 ULH will be received in fully built up condition, the balance 120 guns will be assembled in India.

elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

This is a priority army project, keeping in mind the raising of the new Mountain Strike Corps and the long outstanding inadequacy of artillery in the mountains on our Eastern and Northern borders. Toggle navigation. India struck seven terrorists camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on September 28, ten...

The recent decision of the Government to open this sector to the private industry is a step in the right direction. Austria Hirtenberger Defence Systems.

elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

Chaiseri Defense First Win 4x4 armoured. Despite the above positive developments, the main cause of concern and worry remains the sordid state of ammunition, the main weapon of the Artillery, both in quantity and quality — the same was highlighted in the CAG report released last year.

Bradley M113.

Artillery Modernisation A Realty Check

It would be pertinent to mention here that 80 per cent of all such accidents are mainly due to faulty ammunition. The Soltam Athos is equipped with an hydraulic crane for loading and pneumatic loader assist systems.

elbit systems athos 155 mm howitzer round

Spynel Series.