Who testified before congress yesterday lyrics

I do more than that at this point. They see gangsta rap as a kind of black CNN, a way for the outside world to learn what is really happening at night on the streets of such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. You also have a problem that an album is a compilation of different types of cuts.

who testified before congress yesterday lyrics

The scene-the first hearing chaired by Moseley-Braun, the freshman Democrat from Illinois-was billed as a fact-finding mission into an art form that some say incites people to violence.

Please re-enter. Thurmond is affiliated with the PMRC?


I do not want to belabor you, but why is it unfair? The U. But the point I made before is that when you rate the album you are rating the individual, because he takes personal responsibility for the music; and in the movies, the actors who are performing in the movie, it does not hurt them. This committee has three that we know about: And I think that a lot of deep digging was done in order to come up with the song about anal vapors or whatever it was that they were talking about before.

The ''high'' he sang of, he said, was the one that came from ''a moonless and cloudless night where there are so many stars that you cast a shadow. I have got an idea for a way to stop all this stuff and a way to give parents what they really want, which is information, accurate information as to what is inside the album, without providing a stigma for the musicians who have played on the album or the people who sing it or the people who wrote it.

Your suggestion of printing the lyrics on the album is a very interesting one. They still object to rating their films, but the reason the ratings go on is because if they are not rated they will not get distributed or shown in theaters. They can say, Johnny, buy instrumental music; there is some nice classical music for you here; why do you not listen to that. And also, I think that the record industry has been damaged and it has been given a very bad rap by this whole situation because it has been indicated, or people have attempted to indicate, that there is so much of this kind of material that people object to in the industry, that that is what the industry is.

who testified before congress yesterday lyrics

But if it was there, they could see what they were buying and I think that is a step in the right direction. Chairman, I might help him out just a little bit. Ice-T's song "Cop Killer," describing a young man seeking revenge on a police officer who had been harassing him, and the menacing words of Sister Souljah, telling blacks to stop killing each other and kill white people, infuriated many.

It began with lyrics. Well, why single out the music industry.


Is it a coincidence that Mrs. So specifically we are talking about lyrics. I think that this whole matter has gotten completely blown out of proportion, and I agree with Senator Exon that there is a very dubious reason for having this event.

who testified before congress yesterday lyrics

I asked her if it was a cult. You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. I think the actual printing of the content itself is perhaps even better than the rating. Is this the same tax bill with a nicer name?