Where was the 2013 movie carrie filmed

where was the 2013 movie carrie filmed

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers ahead. When Carrie spares Miss Desjardin from the prom rampage, lifting her off a dance floor that she's about to fill with corpses, it's one of the most perversely touching gestures in a movie filled with them.

Collider Goes to Prom on the Set of CARRIE; 25 Things to Know About the New Adaptation

Lunch was then called, as the crew needed ample time to ready the stage for the blood dump scene. The result is efficient, but only tentatively updated to the digital age of cyberbullying and social media, and it is strangely pointless. But the second Carrie largely coasts along, pedantically imitating the first film in modern dress. We were escorted on a tour of the soundstage, which housed the gymnasium set, the locker room set, and the interiors of the White house.

The movie will be in theatres in October — when the Hammonds will be busy with two newborns. Her dress was soaked as blood ran down the back and sides of her head, and as the crowd started to laugh, Moretz tried to make her way off the stage in a fit of total and utter embarrassment.

Filming & Production

The mix of telekinesis and cruel teenage bullying was bad for Carrie, but good for the Hammonds, who received new siding in the deal. Whole sequences have a Clark-Kent-in-Smallville feeling. Permits come from the local film office and a fee to shoot is negotiated between the homeowner and the production company.

"Carrie" (2013) CLIP: Ms Desjardin's Punishment [Judy Greer, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday]

She is born again at the prom, kills the woman who gave birth to her, and dies that very night. The answer, of course, is that in this movie Carrie's mortification is filmed by bullies on their mobiles and uploaded to the web, although its online impact apparently ceases to be of interest immediately after that.

Until she bursts into a telekinetic rage and unleashes unspeakable horror on the entire gymnasium, that is.

where was the 2013 movie carrie filmed

Cohen and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa give the whole film this kind of heartfelt, inside-out re-imagining. Topics Horror films.

The Hidden World.

where was the 2013 movie carrie filmed

Margaret's original sin was having sex with Carrie's father, an event she describes as a violation. The catalogue suggests the Mississauga Central Library which also, allegedly, looks like Los Angeles , the residential towers of St. Latest News.