When did the battle of gravelines endi

when did the battle of gravelines endi

It was a grand and magnificent sight to see five or six hundred vessels, all imder the British flag, passing in proud defiance within gunshot of the hostile shore. We afterwards observed the shattered remains of their various columns concentrating again at a point nearly two miles off. J lie banner of freedom waved over every town. The French were thus lieninud in on all. Hundreds of fishing boats now resumed their former occupation.

military journal - peninsular war(1807-1832)

Hciicath this coinniencc the regular fortifications of the Land-port ami Water-port, on the north-west angle, and which arc contiiuuul southwards along the whole sea-front, facing the west, to Kuropa Point, about two or three miles. They met on a fair field at Vimieiro. He made himself quite at home, and became very amusing, singing a variety of songs and dancing fandangos and l oleros.

As the staff-officer who was to conduct us had not arrived at the hour appointed, Clunes, who was a cool soldier of commanding appearance, being six feet six inclies in height, and. I then learned the escape I had just made of being taken prisoner, as the battery we had passed was occupied by the enemy.

The wind increased in violence. He asjnred to be a great martinet, especially in petty barrack detail.

when did the battle of gravelines endi

From tlie description of this battle it will be observed that, from the nature of the ground, it consisted of two distinct actions, both fought nearly at the same time, and about a mile or two apart.

Indeed, many of this class are a lazy, indolent set of beings, idly lounging in the streets, basking in the sun by day, wrapped up in their cloaks, smoking cigars, and gambling in the evening.

when did the battle of gravelines endi

There is no finer peasantry in the world, they being a hardy race, of robust frames, sober and active habits, high minded, and of generous dispositions. We marched from the IJocio to the small square in front of the Sept. Next day we halted, and availed ourselves of this opportunity to inspect the splendid mansion of the Earl of Egremont, situated in a richly-wooded park contiguous to the town.

The Spanish officers, both of the army and navy, almost crushed us in their fraternal embraces, and insisted on carrying us from house to house, and introducing us to all the pretty ladies in the place. This place affords a most desirable sunn,.

I impressed every country car I could lay hands on, and had them loaded and handed over to the commissary. On the loth Marcli I reached Southani[ ton. Tlie 95th Regiment lost fl lieutenant and some men in this afl air. Amongst the numerous vessels of war then stationed at Gibraltar was the Red Wing, a well-manned, fast-sailing sloop of war. On entering into conversation with him, we found that he was a very intelligent man. The melancholy part remains to be told.

when did the battle of gravelines endi