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And just to set the record straight..... Skip to main content [Animal athletes: The figures are based on the average 30kg greyhound, at the peak of fitness and obviously injury free. The Heart In a racing greyhound, the heart output increases from about 200mL per kg body weight per minute at rest to over 1000mL per kg at the full gallop.

Why Are Greyhounds So Fast? (And Are They Faster Than Racehorses?)

Human beings have adapted fantastically well to marathons and long distance running, says Professor Sharp--long legs, short toes, arched feet and ample fuel storage capacity all help. Up the straight, a greyhound carries 2. Blood Volume A fit greyhound has the highest blood volume of any athlete, relative to its body size, with blood contributing 11. Some people are fascinated by the horsepower, cornering dynamics and top speed of a fast car, the climb speed and maneuverability of a fighter plane, or endless records broken at last year's Olympic Games.

Most place their maximum speed at around 45 mph—a bit slower than a quarter horse, and much slower than a cheetah. And another that added a dirt bike to the mix: But the pronghorn antelope also puts in a very respectable 55 mph 89 kph or 24.

A fit greyhound has about 3 litres of blood consisting of around 2 litres red cells, or about 6. But no single species matches the physical versatility of human beings, he concludes, and that is what the Games are designed to display to best effect. The Greyhound would keep running his fastest speed of about 45 mph until about 250 meters. The Greyhound won by seven horse lengths. Acceleration Speed At maximum acceleration, a greyhound reaches a full speed of 70 kmh within 30 metres or six strides from the boxes, traveling at almost 20 metres per second for the first 250 metres of a race.

Even Usain Bolt, currently the fastest man in the world, couldn't outpace greyhounds, cheetahs, or the pronghorn antelope, finds a light-hearted comparison of the extraordinary athleticism of humans and animals in the Veterinary Record.

A cheetah is said to have a top speed of 70 mph but can only sustain it for about 200 meters. The wrist and lower limb structures withstand up to 150kg of downward pressure when galloping around a corner, which is created by the centrifugal force in proportion to the speed of the greyhound and the radius of the track circle.

Had the course been longer, the horse would have overtaken the Greyhound, which is known for its sprinting, not its endurance. But it has several less visible features that make it the speed demon it is. An elite human sprinter can reach 40kmh in a 10 second sprint race at an all out speed of 11 metres per second.

A racing Greyhound has the highest blood volume compared to body size of any athlete 11.

Even Usain Bolt can't beat greyhounds, cheetahs...or pronghorn antelope

The greyhound can maintain an average speed of 16. So which is faster, Greyhound or racehorse? A racing greyhound circulates its entire blood volume between 4-5 times during a 30 second gallop.