What is a brooklyn pizza pie

This is not a boast or a bluster, but rather an established fact.

what is a brooklyn pizza pie

Pictured is the Sunset Park, which features hot soppressata which really ought to replace pepperoni for the go-to-cured-meat topping , tomato sauce, fresh and aged mozzarella, and parmigiano-reggiano.

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Brooklyn pizza: Best slices and pies in the borough

Where to celebrate National Margarita Day. News World U.

what is a brooklyn pizza pie

You get the picture. Best Pizza is a Williamsburg take on a classic slice joint.

A Pizza-Lover’s Guide to the Best Pies in Brooklyn

Instead, they rolled out another game-changer: But Brooklyn probably has the best pizza of the five boroughs, he said. Tony's in Bushwick is right out of central casting -- no-frills booths, teenagers buying slices, and a case advertising a wide variety of specialty pies. The airy outdoor space is perfect for late-night summer dinners and options from the kitchen, like wood-fired savoy cabbage or crispy sunchoke with fresh turmeric, pear, and yuzu, which are not only beautifully plated, but also defy the typical pizza joint salad.

Jillian Jorgensen If you wanted to show someone the perfect example of a hip Brooklyn restaurant, it would be Roberta's. The oven is coal-fired, the crust is thin, and the famous name is everywhere, thanks to a franchise across the country.

You call THAT a Brooklyn pie!

It'll be worth the wait. So what?

what is a brooklyn pizza pie

Get competitive at these bars with games. Courtesy of Pizza Loves Emily. The ramshackle tented bar where people gather to wait and oh, will you wait for a table. View all New York Times newsletters. Like any good neighborhood pizza place should, it also offers a selection of solid specialty slices -- from the grandma to the controversial Buffalo chicken.

But mass-producers started selling it nationwide, and the result is little more than a roll with a hole in it. Unable to use either of his own names, Grimaldi christened the new restaurant with his mother's name: Email address.