Medicine wholesale license in india

Please indicate in a letter attached that it is a change of location application and provide your current license number. Wholesale Legend Drugs.

For legal interpretations, please refer to your legal counsel. It is indeed a challenging yet exciting market where quality plays a critical role. In the light of the latest change happened in India, it is mandatory to get the GST registration number.

medicine wholesale license in india

Area of Pharmacy Shop For opening a pharmacy business, the carpet area of the pharmacy must be a minimum of 10 square meters, and in case the application is for both retail and wholesale pharmacy the minimum area prescribed in 15 square meters.

Instant Customized Quotation Some of our products are offers under open pricing, However the drug license is not offered under open pricing mode, for the reason of complexity of the subject matter which involves retail license and wholesale license of for drug distribution or sale in India. Drug License is a permission from the government to deal with drugs.

medicine wholesale license in india

Submit Your Request. With the government offices getting digital and processes becoming more online with every passing day; you need less time to complete the formalities as compared to earlier.

Drug License for Pharmacy Business

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medicine wholesale license in india

Document Requirement for Wholesale Drug License The required documents can differ based on each state. Are you a budding entrepreneur who wants to make a mark in the field of pharmaceuticals?

How to apply for wholesale drug license in India?

Once all the formalities are completed, it should not be a big issue. For more information regarding the statutes and rules regulating wholesale drug distribution, please review them below. Looking For Monopoly Business Franchise? The person applying for the license should have a degree or diploma in Pharmacy from some recognized university or institute.

The medicines need to be handled with by a specialist, and for that matter, there is a requirement of a qualified pharmacist in case of retail drug license and in case of wholesale a graduate with 1 years experience or undergraduate having four years experience is must.

Wholesale Drug License in India – Document Requirements

Digitally certify my license. Yes, before you start any business dealing in drugs, whether it is Allopathic Drugs, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy or Unani, to manufacture, distribute or sell the drugs It is mandatory to obtain a license as per the nature of business by applying to the controller of the drugs and cosmetics.

medicine wholesale license in india

March 21, 2018 Progressive Life-Care Pharmacy drug license in india wholesale drug license. Rest assured, our quotations are always comparative. Drug licence is location specific, and hence within state application, all site must be included.

medicine wholesale license in india