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Where in the hell is the safety pins? No separation, no hardness, nasty big stomach that ruined any asthetic he might have been able to pull off. Why in hell there was no safety pins?! Filtered by: He is uncertain when he will return to the competitive stage; he only knows he will. After a few minutes, the right knee swelled up alarmingly; next, the excruciating pain began.

He snapped a few shots of the fallen warrior before helping him get the f-cking weight off his back. United States. You can use my TrueProtein Discount code: Even at the 1997 Mr. I think there is tremendous pressure for pro's to promote their names in magazines, and sometimes the only way to do this is to take risks during shoots by trying to show off their lifts.


Physically I need the feel of the weight, and mentally I have to make the statement that I'm a bodybuilder. I have the time. Still a gross scenario. Login or Sign Up. I thought, I can't go out like this, I have unfinished business.

Dramatic Bodybuilder Detransformations who Lost all their Muscles

Forums Groups. I heard he tore his quads, did they ever heal? During his time in the hospital, and despite being in a wheelchair with his legs kept straight, Jean-Pierre visited the gym every day "to do some upper-body work. Jean Pierre Fux Squat Accident 11-26-2006, 08: O someday. OK Cancel. In the midst of doing 675-pound squats at a FLEX photo shoot with Chris Lund, he had suddenly collapsed and crashed to the gym floor.

This 675lb Squat Annihilated a Bodybuilder’s Legs and His Career

His doctor told him he was confident the left quadriceps would recover fully, but cautioned that it was too soon to say whether the same would be true for the damaged patella. Afterward, they felt bad about it, but it was so quick, nobody could have caught the weight.

Ronnie and other guys in the top five [at the Olympia] are a lot older. Simply ridiculous.