How to use tempting in a sentence

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how to use tempting in a sentence

First, it would be tempting to assume the person hauling manure can only do that, and if that job disappeared he would have no useful skills. See the full definition for tempting in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

how to use tempting in a sentence

Rostov was particularly in need of money now that the troops, after their active service, were stationed near Olmutz and the camp swarmed with well-provisioned sutlers and Austrian Jews offering all sorts of tempting wares. Presidential elections have a habit of tempting candidates to perform somersaults.

To tempt you further,. No sooner had he regained Hungary than he received tempting offers from the pope, represented by the legate Cardinal Cesarini, from George Brankovic, despot of Servia, and George Castriota, prince of Albania, to resume the war and realize his favourite idea of driving the Turk from Europe.

how to use tempting in a sentence

Need even more definitions? Moreover, the restaurant has a tempting display case of beautifully decorated desserts, such as the black forest cake.

Tempting in a sentence

Dictionary Entries near tempting temptational tempter tempt fate tempting temptress tempura tempus. Translation of tempting for Spanish Speakers. Enemies and rival claimants arose on all sides, for Cyprus was a tempting bait.

how to use tempting in a sentence

It would be tempting , at this point, to say that the Internet will corrode religious authority and usher in the Great Secular Age. He courteously declined the offer of Perceval to resume political life under the auspices of the dominant Tory party, though tempting prospects of office in connexion with India were opened up.

Does such an offer tempt you? As knowledge of microscopic forms of life increased, so the apparent possibilities of abiogenesis increased, and it became a tempting hypothesis that whilst the higher forms of life arose only by generation from their kind, there was a perpetual abiogenetic fount by which the first steps in the evolution of living organisms continued to arise, under suitable conditions, from inorganic matter.

It would be tempting to be there when Simpson is testifying. It was tempting to tell her that he wasn't really back — to talk to her about the fear that lay in her heart.

how to use tempting in a sentence

That is, I declare, Mr. First Known Use of tempting 1588, in the meaning defined above. A quick shot was tempting.

Tempting Sentence Examples

I was tempted to. More Definitions for tempting. The metallic bowl and mouthpiece of the pipe offered a tempting surface for embellishment, as well as the clasp of the pouch; and the netsuke, being made of wood, ivory or other material susceptible of carving, also gave occasion for art and ingenuity. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Of water; also the cubic inch is very nearly 250 grains, while the gallon has actually been fixed at 10 lb of water; the first two are certainly mere coincidences, as may very probably be the last also, and yet they offer quite as tempting a base for theorizing as any connexions in ancient metrology.

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