How to sound like a platypus sound

Doofensmhirtz and his nefarious schemes and -inator contraptions. Why do you like the platypus? Then make another webbed foot.

how to sound like a platypus sound

Would you like to merge this question into it? His codename is Agent P.

how to sound like a platypus sound

Real platypuses make soft growling vocalisations, a little like a puppy. Back To Top. How do you get pictures of perry the platypus in pet mode on the internet?

how to sound like a platypus sound

And there's perry the platypus. Does Vanessa fancy Perry the Platypus?

What sound does a platypus make?

How old is perry the platypus off of Phineas and Ferb? Once found, the platypus uses grinding plates in its bill, rather than teeth, to crush the food before eating it.

how to sound like a platypus sound

MORE Do platypus like to dive? It depends how you think it. What is a platypus like? Why doesn't Perry the platypus talk?

He is a cute little 5 year old boy who will always defeat Dr.

how to sound like a platypus sound

Though Isabella, Buford, Baljeet and their other friends are not at the same college, Emily Kinney created by Melty94, has a pet fox named Kiki. I hope this answer helps you, but I am sure it is Major Monogram. In order to hunt, it relies on its bill to sense other animals.


The male approaches the female to show his interest and the two have a rather unique way of "holding hands" or "tails," that is. Platypuses are indigenous to freshwater rivers and lakes in eastern Australia and Tasmania. Otherwise if it were a real platypus I would say no.