How to overlay 2 images in android

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Design Techniques to Display Text over Background Images

Why bother taking a simple snapshot when you can create a dancing image? AutonomousApps 1,897 20 30. Scrim — gradient overlay.

how to overlay 2 images in android

Let us show you how to hide sensitive material to prying eyes. The text displayed, does not account for its background images. Both can coexist together if we use the right technique. SparseArray; import android. Great features and options, easy to use and offers great results. TargetApi; import android.

how to overlay 2 images in android

June 18, 2015. As a general rule, using greyscale colors work well. Preview, edit, and then save those animations across social networking, email, and more!

Alright, this is more of altering the image than the text. Android Material Design: But we can still use it to achieve what we want.

10 marvelous photo apps for Android

AsyncTask; import android. Free to install, Aviary offers a number of additional effect bundles for roughly one dollar.

After all, when you decide to overlay text, you must be ready for ANY image. Notice the smart positioning of text, away from images.

how to overlay 2 images in android

Plan on sharing to Instagram? BitmapFactory; import android. You can skip the complex Canvas manipulation and do this entirely with Drawables, using LayerDrawable.