How to dress tacky prom

Makalaya accessorized with a gold belt, arm bracelet and necklace.


But when she spoke with a white administrator about the possibility of wearing an African print gown to prom, she was told it would be "tacky" and that African print isn't "really something you wear to" the formal event.

Emma Stone may have quickly breezed by on the Oscars red carpet, but that didn't keep viewers at home from having an opinion on her Louis Vuitton dress.

how to dress tacky prom

Ignorant stereotypes abound, but Charlene Dunbar, a designer for contemporary African-inspired line Suakoko Betty , says that an ankara gown is actually quite elegant and sophisticated. Lucy Boynton, who stars.

how to dress tacky prom

That African style is beautiful. Makalaya hopes the attention will open people's eyes to the beauty of African print. The big occasion also entails prom horror stories being stood up, like Lupita , e. But the. As the Oscars rolled out its 91st red carpet, we were dazzled to see a parade of our favorite stars and celebs glammed up in a hyper-color rainbow of.

She looked stylish, regal — and far from tacky. The exquisite dress boasts a plunging neckline and a mermaid hem. Makalaya is helping the cause. Her story quickly went viral, and her prom dress photos have garnered over 8,000 likes on Instagram.

How To Be The Tackiest Girl At Prom

Although she just walked in Versace's. Whether or not you've seen Bohemian Rhapsody, you might have noticed a new Pinterest-worthy presence on the red carpet this year. Unfortunately, the high school milestone that many students partake in also inevitably involves a slew of supposed dress code violations. The name of the sartorial game? Ankara fabric has a rich and celebrated history in West Africa.

This Teen Slayed in an African Print Prom Dress After Her Teacher Called It "Tacky"

Finish line's in sight! Surprise, surprise: Well, it seems as. Makalaya Zanders, of Cleveland, Ohio, wanted to wear a prom dress that celebrated her heritage and made her feel beautiful.

how to dress tacky prom

And finally that there's nothing like Black girl Magic. We've glammed up for the Golden Globes, mellowed out for the SAGs, and pulled out almost all the stops for the Grammys.