How to become a lion ambassador

Lion Ambassadors logo Logo for l'ambs. Lion Ambassadors must maintain a minimum academic grade point average of 2.

Lion Ambassadors

Open House Programs: Ambassadors have numerous opportunities to interact with current students and faculty as well as perspective students and their families. University Relations: Occasionaly tours are with larger groups, e.

how to become a lion ambassador

Helping our new freshman to feel welcome, Lion Ambassadors arrive early to help them move into the residence halls, and participate in various activities during the orientation period.

Not only are the main goals of the Lion Ambassador Organization to gain leadership skills, public speaking skills and time-management skills that are necessary for everyday life, but it is also a goal of the organization to help students continuously improve upon these skills for future preparation.

Throughout the year, Lion Ambassadors give scheduled tours to prospective students and their families. Lion Ambassadors.

how to become a lion ambassador

In the Spring, students who have been offered admission to Berks campus receive a personal call from a Lion Ambassador, congratulating them, and answering any questions they may have about Penn State Berks. Lion Ambassadors are students who represent Penn State DuBois to the University, to the students, to the faculty and staff, to alumni and to the community.

Students may also apply on their own to become a Lion Ambassador by filling out the application on the web or by contacting Holli Lashinsky in the Admission office Enrollment Services House for an application.

They are our official student public relations group, representing Penn State Berks in the community and in college outreach programs. The purpose of the Lion Ambassador group is to promote the betterment of Penn State Berks through student involvement in various recruitment and development activities.

how to become a lion ambassador

Being a Lion Ambassador is a wonderful way to meet new people and form life-long friendships. College Fairs: Lion Ambassadors.

These students provide a service to Penn State DuBois by sharing pride, enthusiasm and commitment to the University. Throughout the year, the admissions staff also keeps a look-out for students that stand out that may possess all the qualities of an outstanding Lion Ambassador. Lion Ambassadors help out with development and alumni events when needed, e.

how to become a lion ambassador

They are a diverse group of students who come from a variety of majors, interests, and backgrounds. Transfer Students Transfer Student Checklist. Lion Ambassadors serve as hosts, greeting people, participating formally in the program, and giving tours on campus. The students are then contacted by the admissions office asking if they would be interested in becoming a member of the organization.