Hand embroidery kits by lynda howell

I would choose Winter Song. I think I must have been a Victorian woman in another life. What a thrill to have everything selected for you in this beautiful kit!! My friend Mary and husband have a candle, honey and beeswax business. God Bless. I would learn how to do random long and short stitches!

I am slightly more inclined towards the Chatelaine kits either pink or red because Mary Corbet has mentioned that she will be working on this kit and it would be fun to do it with her. Thanks to you and Inspirations magazine for this opportunity. I would love to make this for her to lift her spirits!

hand embroidery kits by lynda howell

You really inspire me with your talent in embroidery. I would pick tea for two because My great grandma collected different tea cups and she started my mom and myself collecting.

Holiday Redwork + FREE Shipping!

I have always wanted to do a gold work piece. Art V5.

Learn 7 Embroidery Stitches with Bucilla Learn to Stitch Kit

I love embroidery and all sewing. I look forward to reading it everyday. What a fantastic chance to win a beautiful Inspirations kit. I love the colors in this crewel piece.

Inspirations Embroidery Kits – a Grand Give-Away!

I love the bird on the winter song, but my favorite has to be Chatelaine in pink. Thank you for allowing us to dream like this!! If I am lucky enough to win this wonderful prize, the kit I would chose is the Modern Crewel work kit. The blocks are 5" square with lattice applied to connect the sections.

hand embroidery kits by lynda howell

If I would win, I would chose the Chatelaine Kit. Lovely new twist to crewel. So be sure to check back on August 1st to see if you are one of the winners!

hand embroidery kits by lynda howell

I want to do more and more! They are all so beautiful with just the right splash of daunting!