Evinrude etec injector how to avoid problems

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My biggest snapper came from the 100m line off the tweed, i was fishing with Garry that day , so the coast ain't all that bad;. Did you notice that the 4s owners are concerned about trying to recover some of their losses in the near future by asking about "re-sale value" or trying to mantain value?

After replacement, no hard faults, oil pressure issues at 0: Where and when did I mention that I didn't or haven't done preventative maintenance, of course I do that, who wouldn't?

evinrude etec injector how to avoid problems

Sensor gone or remap, ect.. This is much like a warranty offered by a vehicle manufacturer in which there are two limits, time and mileage. See http: Where the hell did you get that crap from????

Understanding the E-TEC Fuel Injector by Bill Grannis

I don't see any large numbers of injector malfunctions. No matter what level of discretionary spending those motors are expensive.

evinrude etec injector how to avoid problems

Jabba I get my motors serviced once a year or 100hrs by a 'man'. In fact you might rethink your style of boating after using this style of propulsion for even the shortest period of time.

Message 3 of 12 6,251 Views. The nozzle design is similar to a garden hose sprayer.

E TECs and Injectors

So we burn more oil. I would love to upgrade my old '92 model Johno to something more comfortable, but the old girl doesn't miss a beat, and I can't afford some little dick V8 sounding 4 stroker, or an e-ver trusty and reliable new e-tec.

I run adiesel so have no vested interest in any outbord maufacturer. Its all in good fun, I need a good trip offshore dunno bout you blokes.

evinrude etec injector how to avoid problems

Also, what do you do with all your old oil and oil filters??? Individual test on the inject shows a none operational condition. I know a 2 stroke is a very simple machine ive owned many of them. Did you talk to customer service at 847-689-7090 about haveing 4 injector failures?

evinrude etec injector how to avoid problems

Be cool Cheers VS. Stumped the chump.