Distributive property with fractions and whole numbers

We could have also illustrated the problem with the following model which builds on the whole number area model for multiplication.

distributive property with fractions and whole numbers

Even better, if we remove all the common factors from the numerator and denominator before we multiply; our final answer will be in simplest form. Note this also works when the interior operation is subtraction.

How Do You Distribute With Whole Numbers and Fractions?

MP2 http: Multiply two fractions by multiplying the two numerators, then the two denominators and simplifying if possible.

How to Do Basic Math Fractions. One method is to use prime factorization and then divide out the common factors between the numerator and denominator. Next, we rework the problem by first changing each mixed number into an improper fraction.

Motivation Problem

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distributive property with fractions and whole numbers

Rewrite the expression with the leading fraction distributed: We illustrate with the examples below. Here is an example of using the distributive property with fractions: Previous Next Tip: We use the distributive property of multiplication over addition to compute the multiplication without changing the mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Multiply a whole number and a fraction by using an area model and the distributive property

Teacher Student Log in with your LearnZillion account: This means multiplying a number or variable at the front of a parenthetical set is equivalent to multiplying that number or variable to the individual terms inside, then carrying out their assigned operation.

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distributive property with fractions and whole numbers

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