10 incredible kids who are heroes

He found the 23-ton truck had jackknifed over the side of the road and was teetering on the edge, with the cab — and the driver inside — dangling underneath it.

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These 30 Incredible Kids Really Changed the World

Here, a rundown of their incredible tales:. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Aniyah began clawing at her own throat, desperate to breathe.

Her work has earned her several environmental awards. Now, there are more than 100 gardens in over 30 states being operated by young people like Katie.

10 Amazing Child Heroes

It rolled over five times before it came to a stop. Riley was swimming in the shallow end in the Floridian weather when she noticed a baby fall into the water.

Katie Stagliano. When medics arrived on the scene, the industrious young man even refused to be evacuated with the first lot, staying on with the remaining injured to do what he could. Co-head coach Brett Sawyer said he was proud of the boys' brave actions.

10 Kids That Changed the World

But then, for one moment, Harris put his gun down and Ericks lunged for it. Everyone knows and celebrates mythic heroes and famous leaders.

10 incredible kids who are heroes

He then turned the lights off and waited there, the family dog under one hand and his hunting knife in the other. The invention earned her the title of "America's Top Young Scientist.

10 incredible kids who are heroes

Nkosi Johnson. They ran to the parking lot, sprinting and hopping fences on the way, and they surrounded the vehicle. Afterward, she simply sat back down.

10 incredible kids who are heroes

He shot at the chalkboard, the ceiling, and the window, making it clear that he had plenty of ammo and that he would leave no survivors. All four passed out in the car.