Whole grain porridge recipe

Slow-Cooker Whole-Grain Porridge

Load More. Quinoa chia blueberry porridge — One Handed Cooks.

whole grain porridge recipe

Serve with desired toppings. I simply love it. Add the grains to a bowl or container or the saucepan you wish to cook them in to save on washing up!

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How to make perfect wholegrain porridge

Shepherd's Pie Potatoes. Stir in butter. For extra creaminess add an extra tablespoon of milk or cream of choice per serve.

whole grain porridge recipe

So there you have it, the complete guide for how to make perfect wholegrain porridge. French Toast Roll-Ups. MyPlate Meals.

whole grain porridge recipe

I really want to try other grains soon, because I love porridge and right now I only use buckwheat and oats. I find soaking the oats really makes a different but I have never toasted them before hand.

Your email address will not be published. Porridge is one of my all time favorite breakfast options. Pumpkin pie amaranth porridge — My New Roots.

If you don't have a porridge setting on your rice cooker, program for 50 to 55 minutes. You should definitely try toasting the grains first, it makes them taste so much better: