Whodunnit trailer hollyoaks spoilers

The new trailer shows that Armstrong will continue his obsession with Cindy, who struggles to convince everybody of what's really going on. Could Armstrong be right, or is he just trying to distract attention away from how he stalked Amy before she died? He quickly catches the eye of Holly and Ellie, so could either of them be his new love interest? Related stories. Channel 4. Hit play below to see first-look footage from the storyline in Hollyoaks' promo video: Back in the village, Lily is struggling to come to terms with her scars and it's clear they're badly affecting her self-esteem.

As for why Lucas didn't speak up sooner, we blame Leah for never letting him get a word in edgeways!

whodunnit trailer hollyoaks spoilers

Hollyoaks' Ste continues to target the Maaliks. Hollyoaks fans will be able to see the trailer on Digital Spy today after it is released at 3. The big stunt Autumn is traditionally the time Hollyoaks blows the production budget and brings us their annual set-piece stunt, which always delivers thrills and twists aplenty.

10 Hollyoaks storylines still to come in 2018

First look footage of the plot will see police detective Sam Lomax tell her colleague Sonny Valentine that the body of one local resident has been found. As the stakes get higher and Warren finds himself with a stalker, could Grace be pushed to reveal their secret to Sienna?

Will Warren support Sienna through this? It certainly gives more weight to the theory Ste killed his ex, after the actor who plays him, Kieron Richardson, appeared to give the game away on live TV yesterday.

Who killed Amy Barnes? TWO characters arrested in shocking Hollyoaks whodunnit

Jessica Gibb Assistant Celebrity Editor. Remember Me? All rights reserved. Hit play below to watch the new trailer in full: Hunter's crush on Neeta will take a big leap during their time in Ibiza and when they return to Hollyoaks , he's determined to make sure that she turns her back on her villainous partner Mac.

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Hollyoaks reveals 13 brand new spoilers in the show's unmissable summer trailer

Don't worry though, we're here to help too and here's what we've managed to pick out:. However, when Fraser responds by punching Danny, he adds yet another enemy to his list.

whodunnit trailer hollyoaks spoilers

But with her tabloid travails and reality show meltdowns behind her, the talented star is bringing gobby drama magnet Sinead home. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Neeta clearly has a major decision to make here, but could her secret relationship with Hunter be discovered by Mac? Type keyword s to search.

whodunnit trailer hollyoaks spoilers

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