Who plays dale on the green mile

Brutus 'Brutal' Howell.

who plays dale on the green mile

Tennessee Tom Benardello... Matte World Digital David Sosalla...

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He is also brutally and painfully killed by Percy when he fails to wet the sponge that goes on Del's head. Willis used his A-list pull to contact Darabont and suggest his greenhorn friend for the film.

who plays dale on the green mile

Eighty-two-year-old Dabbs Greer played the older incarnation of the character in his final big screen role. Greg Nicotero... Paul Edgecomb David Morse... He tells his story to his friend Ellie, when he has flashbacks from watching a movie. Darabont Larry Moss... When Sam was five years old, his parents separated, at which...

Born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Fort Worth, Eve Brent began her career in radio and early television and later moved on to the college and little theater stage.

Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54

Actress Jumanji. Paul Edgecomb.

who plays dale on the green mile

ILM Michael Degtjarewsky... Tennessee Peter Weireter...

who plays dale on the green mile

Mr Jingles was one of the little things that kept Eduard happy. North Carolina, present day sequences Melissa N. Lois Burwell... Tennessee as Michael Adams Billy Baker...

who plays dale on the green mile

CG animator uncredited Jim Rider... Frank Darabont Krista Jacobsen Hoey... Gaye Galvin... Earl the Plumber.