Who makes swr suppressors 9mm

Let me see if I can simplify things here. I chose the 45 model for flexibility.

who makes swr suppressors 9mm

We got into the market at a time that was perfect for us. We soon discovered that we were obtaining decibel reduction results that few of the other manufacturers were getting to at the time. We did not design this suppressor with the civilian market in mind.

who makes swr suppressors 9mm

You can hear bullets zinging through the air. Through trial and error we were able to determine crucial parameters such as baffle orientation, porting depths, porting angles, baffle spacing, and expansion chamber dimensions for various calibers.

Interview With SWR

My most recent visit to Blackwater at the request of some special units brought me once again into a rigorous testing environment.

I decided to develop completely new baffle designs rather than depend on a variation of what was preexisting. Shortly before this article went to press, Joe called and said that his latest.

who makes swr suppressors 9mm

The Omega line consists of the. We have found that high velocity ammunition in our integral suppressors are performing optimally for both sound suppression and accuracy and at velocities that are more than adequate for any possible scenario.

There are currently some quick detach.

Buying A Silencer

We have moved from being solely a small customer oriented business doing strictly custom work to a business geared up for production. Any suggestions? Your weekly subscription will get reviews, tips and a few laughs delivered right to your inbox. The Interview SAR: Box 3090 Rapid City, SD 57709-3090 605 348-5150 www.

who makes swr suppressors 9mm

Thanks for giving SAR the opportunity to be the first to witness the new Omega series of suppressors. Everyone was looking for smaller, lighter, and quieter. Using already subsonic ammunition in a ported barrel is simply pointless. What other models are also in the Omega line?

By far, the last four or five years the Rugers have been our mainstay. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel and parkerized chrome moly steel.

A Closer Look at the SilencerCo SWR Octane Pistol Suppressor

Shot groups from another recent testing were incredible. We have gotten some extremely good numbers with this series. The sound suppression levels, even in metal-framed tactical shoot houses, had them in awe.