When was the husaini hanging bridge built

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is also considered one of the most dangerous bridges in the world due to its extremely incomplete nature!

Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Gojal, Upper Hunza

Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Northern Ireland. Humans can be pretty dumb sometimes... Nothing about this bridge inspires confidence. One old, extremely dangerous and scary bridge. Learn More.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Pakistan

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10 Of The World’s Scariest Bridges

Snowmobiler Attacked By Moose! This bridge is known as a dangerous bridge due to the massive gaps between the planks and the wild swing. Learn More Accept. Fuel station: Re-use of this article is allowed.

Precarious And Historic – The Hussaini Hanging Bridge In Hunza Is Terrifying!

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Tough conditions call for tough measures!

10 Dangerous Bridges You Shouldn't Cross

Travelers from all over the world, not just Pakistan, travel to the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Hunza just to take a picture on it. A valid link to www.

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