Whats on north east february bulletin

The escalation of Boko Haram violence in 2014 resulted in mass displacement around northeastern Nigeria.

whats on north east february bulletin

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RSTV Vishesh – Feb 5, 2018: North East : Opportunities and Challanges

Although accessibility to health services has improved, open defecation in crowded camps and communities continues to place the IDPs and the host communities at risk of outbreaks of waterborne diseases, from watery diarrhoea to cholera.

We provide this support in a number of ways:. This means more rain will fall on the same or fewer days.

RTPI North East

Speakers included Freedom fom Torture - working with those affected by trauma Regional Refugee Forum members - the impact of culture on dealing with mental health Streetwise - working with young men about mental health issues Citizens UK - what else can you do to influence change? Situation Report Language: Arrests after shots fired at van 25 February 2019.

whats on north east february bulletin

Cricket Durham. Accordingly, the Ministry concluded that the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation and it has been decided to constitute a Tribunal for adjudication of the dispute.

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Northeast Nigeria Response (Borno State): Health Sector Bulletin #17, 5 February 2017

Compounding these issues are further barriers in finding and accessing health services, which HAREF aims to tackle. A service provided by.

whats on north east february bulletin

Content format: Supported by the health sector, the Borno State Ministry of Health established a cholera preparedness working group ahead of the rainy season. During the day, they used the sound of gunfire to pass the message. Spanning 67 sq.